Is it possible to Track Email from Shared Mailbox through Outlook

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Hi Amiy,

There have been previous posts regarding shared mailbox from Outlook to track, however none are specific in Outlook that you can track from a shared mailbox. Microsoft saw this as a security so not multiple people can access a mailbox to track in CRM without licenses per user. Otherwise, there are multiple proposed variations below.

1) Generate a Queue in CRM to the shared mailbox and ensure that is email router and store all the emails into CRM.

Adv – CRM stores all emails incoming

Disadv – you can not select which ones are being stored in the CRM, unless you delete

2) You could do forward mailbox by sending the mail into each member’s inbox

Adv – You skip a step of dragging the single email

Disadv – makes your personal inbox have more emails

3) Continue with the extra step of dragging the single email to your primary inbox, due to the outlook app only recognizes the CRM user at the default e-mail address.

Adv – you know exactly what you want into CRM

Disadv – extra step of dragging email


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